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November 2007 Drummond Kahn, CGFM, CIA, CGAP, Director of Audit Services for the City of Portland, Oregon
October 2007 Hugh Monaghan from the US Department of Education Office of Inspector General
September 2007 James Welch, FBI
June 2007 Professional Development Conference
May 2007 Case Study on Pension Fraud Albert Scaperotto, City of Philadelphia’s Office of the Controller
Apr 2007 Case Study on Pension Fraud Albert Scaperotto, City of Philadelphia’s Office of the Controller
Mar 2007 DCAA Audits - Your Taxpayer Dollars at Work  Mike Steen, Mid-Atlantic Regional Director, DCAA
Feb 2007 Current Tax Issues  Rich Furlong, U.S. Internal Revenue Service
Jan 2007 Challenges Facing the Accounting Community  Richard L. Fair, New Jersey State Auditor
Dec  2006 Internal Controls in Casino Operations  Donald L. Patterson, Inspector General, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Nov  2006 The Role of the Federal Reserve in the Economy  James Gillard, Economic Analyst and District Liaison, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
Oct  2006 Champions of Change Johnnie Frazier, Inspector General of the Department of Commerce.  
Sept  2006 Professional Development Conference 
May 2006 Professional Development Conference 
April 2006 Fighting Corruption, Fraud, and Abuse R. Seth Williams was appointed Inspector General of the City of Philadelphia
March 2006 Current Tax Issues  Rich Furlong, Special Tax Specialist, U.S. Internal Revenue Service
Feb. 2006 Financial Crimes and/or Economic Crimes  U.S. Secret Service
Jan. 2006 Tax Seminar  Rich Furlong and Ric Costow, IRS and Al Brandisi, Brandisi Tax Academy
Dec. 2005 Accountability and Integrity Honorable Gordon S. Heddell, US Department of Labor Inspector General
Nov. 2005 Medicare and You Robert Stead, Health Insurance Specialist, U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services Center for Medicare and Medicaid
Oct. 2005 Roll of Enrolled Agents George Meyers, Past President of the Pennsylvania Society of Enrolled Agents
Sept. 2005 2005 PDC
May 2005 2005 PDC
April 2005 Asset Forfeiture and Criminal Financial Enforcement. Joseph Minni, Assistant US Attorney
Mar. 2005 Bankruptcy  Linda Logan, Office of Bankruptcy Trustee
Feb. 2005 Current Tax Issues Rich Furlong, Special Tax Specialist, U.S. Internal Revenue Service
Jan. 2005 Health Care Fraud Related Issues Rod Sullivan, Manager of Investigations, for Independence Blue Cross
Dec. 2004

Annual Tax Seminar Joan Trump, CPA

Nov. 2004

A-133 Single Audit  Vince Gallo, CPA, CGFM

Oct. 2004

Auditors and Investigators Working Together  Robert Root, CPA, Supervisory Auditor, Investigative Support Division, Defense Contract Audit Agency, Mid-Atlantic Region

Sept 2004

Chapter PDC Success

Keynote Speaker - Mr. Steve Cordasco, CPA and Radio Host

Sept. 2003

Auditing Standard Changes

John McLaughlin - Director Internal Audit Services, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Aug. 2003

45 Annual PDC 

Keynote Speaker - Mr. David M. Walker, Comptroller General of the United States GAO

Mar. 2003

American Law "Why American Law is What it is" 

Alan Kaplan, Esq., Senior Counsel, Philadelphia Housing Authority

Feb. 2003

Tax Issues, Update and Compliance and Tax Issues 

Rich Furlong, Special Tax Specialist, U.S. Internal Revenue Service

Jan. 2003

Identity Theft, prevention, Detection, Recovery

Special Agent John J. Guest, U.S. Secret Service

Dec. 2002

Tax Seminar

Mr. Weikel, Mr. Gallo, Mr. Brim, Ms. Watts, and Mr. Furlong

Nov. 2002

IT Vulnerabilities

Keynote Speaker - Ms. Kathleen O'Donnell, Manager, Pennsylvania's Office of the Auditor General

Oct. 2002

Energy Star Program

Keynote Speaker - Mr. Tony Cooper, USDA Graduate School for Professional Occupations

Sept. 2002

Trends in Continuing Education

Keynote Speaker - Mr. Tony Cooper, USDA Graduate School for Professional Occupations

August 2002

44th Annual PDC

Keynote Speaker - Mr. Dan Blair, Deputy Director, United States Office of Personnel Management

April 2002

Social Security Benefits

Mr. Luis Alicea, Social Security Administration

March 2002

Philadelphia Capital Budget

Mr. John Nacchio, Capital Budget Administrator

February 2002


Ms. Barbara Elliot, Senior, DCAA, Investigative Support Team

January 2002

Individual Taxpayer Issues

Mr. Richard G. Furlong, Jr. IRS, Senior Tax Specialist, Small Business Self-employed Division

December 2001

539 Savings Plans

Mr. Matthew Steinberg, Fahnestock & Company, Inc.

November 2001

Philadelphia Taxes

Ms. Nancy Kammerdeiner, Revenue Commissioner, City of Philadelphia

October 2001

Emotions After Stress

Dr. John J. Malarkey III, Professor, Wilmington College

April 2001 Women and Work Place Issues 
--Cornelia H. Moore, Regional Administrator, U.S. Dept of Labor, Women's Bureau
March 2001 Teammate
--Thomas D. Roslewicz, Deputy Inspector General, U.S. Dept.   HHS
February 2001 Anatomy of a Hack
--Karl H. Dubendorf, Information Risk Management, KPMG
January 2001 Tax Seminar
December 2000


Tax Seminar
--Thomas Kennedy, CFP, Kennedy Financial Advisors
November 2000 Starting Point for Audits
--Fran Nagle, Training Director, Human Resources Service Center, Department of the Navy
April 2000 Computer Security
--John Covone, Supervisor of Computer Assisted Auditing Techniques for DCAA
March 2000 21st Century Tax Agency
--Richard G. Furlong on Electronic Tax Administration
March 2000 May I Introduce...Nicole Freda
February 2000 SEC -- Investors' Advocates
--Brian Carroll on the Many Roles of SEC
February 2000 May I Introduce...Lorraine Fleury
January 2000 Scholarship Opportunities
January 2000 1999 Tax Seminar Outlined
December 1999 Working in Partnership
--Rita Calvan, Regional Director for Federal Emergency Management Agency
December 1999 May In Introduce...Paul C. Teti
November 1999 "No More Gotcha!"
--John M. Hapchuk, Director of Programs and Operations Audits, Health Care Financing Audits Division, Dept. of Health and Human Services
November 1999 May I Introduce...Willard F. Weikel
October 1999 "If you can make me understand, a jury surely will" -- Assistant U.S. Attorney Linda Hoffa
October 1999 May I Introduce...Bill Beerman
September 1999 Professional Development Conference Highlights
May 1999 City IG Walks a Thin Line
Mr. Benjamin J. Redmond, Inspector General, City of Philadelphia, spoke to us about responsibilities and mission of the Office of the Inspector General (OIG).
May 1999 Past Presidents Honored at Luncheon
Charlie Hoeger, Larry Levin, Joan Trump and Fred Warren
May 1999 Nominations for Chapter Officers
April 1999 DCAA: "Best Value for Our Warfighters"
Our speaker was Barbara Reilly, Regional Director, Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) Mid-Atlantic Region.
April 1999 May I Introduce...Paul Sager
March 1999 Tax Changes for 1998
Our speaker was Mr. Mort Kafrissen of the IRS.
March 1999 May I Introduce...Paul Brezinski
March 1999 Guidelines for Eligibility for Scholarships
February 1999 White Collar Crime – Be Careful Out There!!!
Our speaker was Mr. Tom Harrington, Supervisor, FBI, Philadelphia Field Office, who discussed "White Collar Crime."
February 1999 May I Introduce...Charles Hoeger
January 1999 1998 Annual Chapter Tax Conference
Summary of Tax Presentation by Ms. Joan K. Trump, CPA and Mr. James J. Kelly, CPA.
December 1998 Medicare Audits Target Bad Providers
Our speaker for the third luncheon of the year was Mr. Ben Jackson, Audit Manager, Health and Human Services (HHS).
December 1998 May I Introduce...Gabrielle Nelson
November 1998 20th Anniversary of the Inspector General Act
Our speaker was Mr. Ed Momorella, District Inspector General for the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).
November 1998 May I Introduce...Mike Walsh
October 1998 TAP: "Pennsylvania’s Best Kept Secret"
Mr. Jack Wright, Assistant Director, Tuition Account Program (TAP) spoke to us about the prepaid tuition plan offered by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
October 1998 Membership List
September 1998 Professional Development Conference Highlights
May 1998 You Can’t Avoid Risk, But You Can Manage It
We heard Ms. Priscilla A. DiMascio, Financial Advisor from Prudential Securities discuss risk. Next, Mr. Mark Doman, Vice President, Eaton Vance Mutual Funds explained his Tax Managed Growth Fund.
April 1998 Pollution Does Not Honor National Boundaries
Our speaker was Francesca Di Cosmo of the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency.
April 1998 Past Presidents Luncheon
Larry Levin, Charlie Hoeger, Joe DiCroce, Ed Slattery, Joan Trump and Marie Cullerton
April 1998 Information Resources for Auditors
Part 2 of 2
April 1998 AGA Scholarship Information
April 1998 Tax Assistance Program
March 1998 "Finally, After All These Years, I Bought a Tax Software Package"
Our speaker Mr. Mort Kafrissen of the IRS.
March 1998 May I Introduce...Michele Hill
March 1998 Information Resources for Auditors
Part 1 of 2
February 1998 AGA: Touching The Past, Present and Future
Our luncheon speaker was Doug Haywood, CGFM, CPA, who is the 1997-1998 AGA National President.
February 1998 May I Introduce...John Bocelli
January 1998 The Tax Relief??? Act of 1997
Our presenters are both chapter members – Ms. Joan K. Trump, CPA and Mr. James J. Kelly, CPA.
January 1998 AGA’s Journal CPE On-Line Gathers Momentum
December 1997 Value Added Auditing
Mr. Terry Kostoff spoke about the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Department of the Auditor General.
December 1997 May I Introduce...Cathy Mastropieri
November 1997 "Only An Accountant Could Catch Al Capone"
Our speaker was Ms. Maryanne Donaghy, Assistant US Attorney
November 1997 May I Introduce...Vince Gallo
October 1997 Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!!!
Mr. Jack Radcliffe, Executive Director of the Federal Executive Board (FEB) for the Philadelphia metropolitan area, was our speaker on the status of government reinvention efforts -- and snow closings.
September 1997 Images of the 1997 Philadelphia Chapter Professional Development Conference
May 1997 Social Security: Good Deal!!!
Our speaker was Roy A. Bellenoit of the Social Security Administration.
May 1997 Nominations for 1997- 1998 Chapter Officers and Directors
April 1997 Tax Change Update
Our speaker was Mort Kafrissen of the IRS. 1982.
April 1997 May I Introduce Our Past Presidents...
Charlie Hoeger, Ed Slattery, Joe DiCroce, Bob Curtis, Marie Cullerton
March 1997 EBT = Win, Win, Win
Our speaker was Dale E. Brown, Project Director, Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) Services for Lockheed Martin IMS.
May 1997 May I Introduce...Bob Peterson
February 1997 Take the Profit Out of Crime
Our speaker was Mr. John B. King, a Supervisory Special Agent with the U. S. Customs Service.
February 1997 May I Introduce...Dennis Zawacki
January 1997 Annual Tax Seminar
Our speaker was Paul G. Huber, CPA, who has his own CPA practice in Haddon Township, NJ.
January 1997 Membership List
December 1996 Only 50% of Us Have a Will!!!
George Heck, JD, CPA listed  his Ten Most Common Mistakes in Estate Planning.
December 1996 May I Intruduce...Danielle Baltera
December 1996 Membership List
November 1996 Computer Forensics
The speaker was Jack Mattera, CFE, Special Investigator, U.S. Treasury Department, Office of the Regional Inspector - Internal Security Division.
November 1996 May I Introduce...Larry Levin
October 1996 Trooper I Gibbs: "Use Common Sense"
The speaker was Trooper I Lester Gibbs of the New Jersey State Police’s Community Services Unit, South, in Hammonton, NJ. do time. Therefore, they have nothing to lose.
October 1996 May I Introduce...Fred Warren
September 1996 Professional Development Conference = Success!!!
PDC Recapped
September 1996 May I Introduce...Joan K. Trump